Sex Toy Guides - Vibrators - How do I choose?

So many customers at our Nauti Parties say “I want a Vibrator, what’s good?” Now I could just show them the most expensive toy and persuade them it will blow their mind and change their life! BUT I WON’T.. Like our tastes in food our tastes in the bedroom are all unique, what I like will most likely be similar in some ways but could be totally different in others. If you are a woman, the one thing we will definitely have in common is that we both have a clitoris but that still doesn’t mean I know what will make you feel good in the bedroom. The most important thing I have learnt since working in the Sex Toy Industry is,  find out what the customer wants from their Vibrator. 

These are the things you should think about before looking for a vibrator:

What do I like during sex? Internal stimulation, Clitoral stimulation, both. Do I want a deep strong rumbly vibration or something more gentle?

What’s my budget? I can show you a range from $30 to over $400. For a first timer I always suggest starting midrange , finding out what you need from a vibrator can be a process and it may take a few toys to get it exactly right.

Do I want batteries or rechargeable?

The shape and style of Vibrators vary depending on what they are designed to do. Here is a quick guide to help get you started .


 Silicone Classic      Evolved Kindle


The most classic of the vibrators, often phallic in looks and shape. A penetrative vibrator, it will come in various lengths and girth sizes so make sure you think about what you are comfortable with, especially if you’re a beginner. Some can have very simple vibrations and then others will offer differing intensities and levels including throbbing and pulsing.




A Rabbit is any Vibrator that has a shaft for internal stimulation combined with a clitoral attachment, it may or may not look like a rabbit.

One of the most popular vibrators on the market as it stimulates both parts of the body simultaneously and with around 60% of us women needing clitoral stimulation to orgasm this is a big plus when it comes to sex toys. Now not all Rabbits are created equal, some will have basic functions that vibrate at different speeds. Some will come with separate controls for the Shaft and Rabbit so they can be controlled independently from each other, helping you get exactly what you want where you want it. Some will even thrust. So think about what you want yours to do for you.


The G-SPOT Vibrator

 Mighty G    Temptest G


Another very important part of the female Anatomy is the G spot. And yes you can get a vibrator specifically designed to hit the spot. A g-spot vibrator will have a curve to it, rather than being straight. Again there are many variations, and Rabbit Vibrators can also be G-spot Vibrators as well. Again do your homework a little before you go online, or ask the assistant in the store.  Some will give a deep strong rumble, some will be more gentle, some will be ridged for extra stimulation and some will even stroke your g spot in a come hither motion.


Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators

Now in my opinion every girl should have a Clitoral toy of some kind in her toybox. 

As I mentioned above, so many of us cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation, so adding a toy whose sole purpose is to do this seems a no brainer to me. Whether going solo or adding to your play with your partner, it’s a game changer for many women's sex lives.


The first type of Clitoral Toy is a WAND

 Wand-er Woman   Mighty Metallic


Now these can come in Many Sizes from Mini to Super Sized Full Body Massagers so again think about what you need and want. For those of you who like a strong deep rumble something like a Doxy Wand is the Ultimate in deep vibrations. And if it's too much for down there, they make an amazing back massager believe me!  A Wand is a great toy to have in the drawer for when the mood takes you and if you are having penetrative sex with a partner you can add in the wand to help you reach the big O 


The second is Clitoral Stimulaors

 Tiny Dancer     French Kiss Her


Generally more subtle than a Wand, these toys are known for giving explosive and often multiple orgasms. You place the toy over your clitoris and then let the magic happen, controlling the level of stimulation you want.  They come in various types and price tags including the Satisfyer Pro 2 . Perfect for solo play or with your partner. 



GC Thin Vibe    Diablo 


The Bullet Vibrator is a popular style, often a go to for beginners as it is small and discreet. It’s size makes it the perfect little travel toy as it can be tucked away in your toilet bag or even your handbag, some even come disguised as a lipstick. They offer direct pinpoint stimulation and depending on the brand can be a very affordable option.





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