Sex Toy Guide - What's My Sex Toy Made From?

Buying Sex Toys can be fun and empowering but it can also be totally overwhelming and confusing too. What type of toy do I want? What do they all do? How do I use it?

 Is it safe?..........

This is the first in a series of articles in our Sex Toy Guide, aimed at arming you with all the info you will need to make your shopping experience fun, whether it be online or in store we want to make sure you are getting the right products for whatever your needs may be.

When it comes to buying Sex Toys there are many considerations to think about. What do I want to get from it?  What Shape? What colour?  But how many people consider -  Is this toy safe to use? Considering it’s going to be used on your most intimate and sensitive body parts this is definitely something you should be thinking about when it comes to buying a toy.

With so many brands, prices and items to choose from these days having some basic knowledge of what your toys are made from is vital when it  comes to purchasing.

Not all toys are created equal so here’s a breakdown of types of materials you will come across, what’s safer for your body, what to be aware of and the benefits of different ranges of materials out there.



PVC, Jelly, Rubber

These are all low grade quality materials when it comes to sex toys, these products are what is called porous, which means bacteria can grow inside them over time, making it almost impossible to clean them properly. It is advised to use a good antibacterial toy cleaner and clean thoroughly after every use. Also using a condom over the toy is another option. Definitely not a long term investment when buying these.


 Is non toxic but as it is also porous it can make cleaning tricky and extra care is needed. Often used in Male Masturbators. It has the “real feel” soft and squishy.

To clean a toy made from TPE, it is best to use water and an anti-bacterial toy cleaner, and then pat dry with a lint free towel. You can also leave it to air dry. It’s best to ensure (especially with a toy like a stroker/masturbator) that the internal canal is totally clean and dry before storage otherwise this will cause irreparable damage to your toy. When the toy is dried, you can lightly dust the toy with cornstarch (or official ‘renewer’ powder) and this will return the toy back to it’s soft velvet appearance.


Many of the above materials may contain Phthalates which is a chemical agent used in plastics to band them together. It increases flexibility for a softer, smoother feeling toy. It is potentially harmful to the body and  exposure can cause chemical and allergic reactions. So  if you do have

Any sensitivities it is absolutely worth looking into what materials are in the toys you are purchasing and make an informed decision.

In general the cheaper the toy the lower the quality of materials used.


Silicone is pretty much mainstream with top quality sex toy manufacturers. It gives a soft, smooth, silky feel that is flexible. Keep in mind tho not all silicones are equal, some may claim to be but actually are a mix of lesser quality materials with the silicone. It’s best to look for 100% medical grade Silicone if you can.  Yes silicone toys cost more but  a good silicone toy when cared for properly can last you years. So it is definitely worth spending that bit more in the long run.

The best way to feel sure you are buying body safe products is to purchase from a reputable manufacturer.

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ABS - Hard Plastics

Hard Plastics are non-porous, super easy to clean and generally cheaper than silicone.

They are “more Buzzy” in transferring the vibrations than a silicone toy so if you like an intense vibration then a toy made from ABS could be just what you’re after. It’s an ideal material for the old favourite Bullet Vibrator as you get  intense, direct stimulation right where you want it.


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Many people are dubious about glass toys but as with all toys if you buy quality it can be a great addition to your toybox.  Glass toys are hard, smooth and beautiful to look at. Many love them as they are so hygienic, a non-porous material that again is super easy to clean. Also they are great for temperature play as the glass can be warmed up and cooled down.


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Similar to glass, metal sex toys are hard, smooth and have a bit of weight to them. Non-porous and easy to clean.  Generally made from Stainless Steel again they are on the more expensive side but will last a lifetime if cared for properly. For those wanting to add a bit of luxe to their sex play you may opt for silver or even gold toy.  Metal makes for beautiful dildo’s and butt plugs and can also be used for temperature play. Just be careful not to go too hot or too cold!


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Now you’re armed with a bit more knowledge about what’s safe, get out there and have fun shopping!





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