Don’t be so quick to say No! to Anal Play.


Butt, Booty, Behind, whatever it’s called there is no denying it is a sexual part of the anatomy. We like to check them out as someone walks by in a tight pair of pants  or fitting dress. We like to pat, pinch and spank them. They come in all shapes and sizes and we are discovering and becoming more open to the pleasure they can bring us in our sexual encounters.  

For many when it comes to sex the butt is a ‘NO GO ZONE’. I think many people who rule out butt stuff are only thinking of anal as ‘penetration using a penis’.  And yes, I agree, that can be a scary thought, whatever your gender.  But what if I told you, you can delve into the world of anal play without a penis going anywhere near your butt.

There is a whole amazing range of sex toys out there, specially designed for anal play. Designed for the absolute beginner through to the most adventurous among us. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

First a bit of housekeeping before you get down to the nitty gritty..

 If you are worried about cleanliness or messiness, cause there is no avoiding it when talking about butt stuff, it may and probably will happen at some stage. There are a few steps you can take. Timing it when you have had a good bowel movement that day will help. If you want to go a step further you can use an Anal Douche before hand. This is simply a small squirt bottle type product that squirts warm water into your rectum, hold it for a  few minutes and then release it into the toilet. Warm water only, never used soaps or chemicals when cleaning.

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The second tip to enjoyable anal is a must .LUBE, and plenty of it. Anal lube is specifically designed for the job. As the butt doesn’t self lubricate you need a quality anal lube to help keep things wet and slippery. Our fav at Nauti Parties is Wicked, they offer a range anal lubes to suit your needs.

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In my opinion the best beginner toy for anal is your own finger tip. Start small, play, rub, tease and when ready slide that lubed up finger inside, it can be a really good idea to experiment this way first before adding in a partner.

Once and if you are ready to move on to something a little more then here are some of Nauti’s picks for you.


Butt Plugs

A butt plug is perfect for preparing you for bigger and better things (so to speak) Starting with a small tapered beginners plug, you can progress in size as and when you are ready until you are ready for penetration with a partner or dildo/Vibrator.  A plug can also be worn while having vaginal sex, creating  a wonderful pressure on the back vaginal wall, and giving you the experience of double penetration. For males the prostate is found through the anal passage so a butt plug can be used ( maybe while a oral session is happening)


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Vibrating Butt Plug


Prostate Toys

For those of you with a Prostate, then anal toys are a must if you want to hit just the right spot. There are a multitude of options for you from basic butt plugs, to toys shaped to reach the prostate and of course vibrating options.


Vibrating Prostate massager


Vibrating bead Prostate


Anal Beads

Speaking from a woman's perspective -  Beads are an awesome addition to the toy box,  and if you never advance past them, I totally recommend giving them a try for uping for your sexual pleasure.  They are simply a row of beads that progress in size, they can be flexible, more rigid, plastic, silicone or even glass. The idea of using beads is to gently insert them one beade at a time. When jiggled gently they create an amazing sensation and when you team this up with vaginal sex with a partner or vibrator you get next level feelings. The stimulation occurs on the insertion and removal.  On reaching orgasm the beads are gently, I repeat gently pulled out one bead at a time ( no mower cord pulling please) to intensify the orgasm.  Honestly ladies if you never try anything else anally  you really should give this ago. Beads worn while having penetration sex with a partner can also feel good for them too. If the beads are a reasonable size they will be felt through the vaginal wall. Adding a different sensation, especially if they are vibrating beads

I’m sure guys will get just as much pleasure and enjoyment from using them in the same way.


Silicone Beads


Jelly Bead Plugs

Always think about the materials and quality of the toys you are using. You can refer to our past blog post about Sex Toys and what materials they are made from to help guide you, all  Nauti Parties Toys are from quality brands.

To view our full range of Anal Toys Click link below




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