Blended Orgasms

 What are they? and How do we achieve them?

We all know Orgasms feel amazing.  But what if I told you, they can be even better…..

...I’m talking about Blended Orgasms Ladies!  

Sitting in the Shop on a quiet, rainy Sunday I happened across an article that caught my attention, so after a lot of research, reading and experimenting on my part, here it is. My first attempt at a sex article.

What is a Blended Orgasm you ask.

A Blended Orgasm involves the stimulation of multiple erogenous zones simultaneously.  The two main areas being G-spot and Clitoris, but can also be Nipples, A-spot or Anal. By stimulating multiple pleasure points at once you can achieve an Orgasm like never before!


Now before we get to the nitty gritty you need to understand your anatomy and exactly where to find your G-spot and Clitoris. You may be surprised to learn that your Clit is not just the small little nub that feels amazing when you rub it. That is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  The clitoris is an intricate network of nerve endings that travel internally on each side of the vaginal opening in a sort of wishbone shape. When aroused the entire Clitoris swells, as a males penis does.

Now the G-spot is easier to find if you are already aroused, since you now know all about your clit that part should be easy…….

Right once you are aroused take your hand with palm facing upwards and insert one or two fingers 5-8 cm into your vagina.  Your G-spot feels slightly different, often described by women as feeling rougher. Take your time to explore and find it, you’ll know when you do and there are worse things you could be doing right? 

One final aspect that can’t be forgotten in the journey to reaching the Magic O is, RELAX and BREATH.  Breathe from the belly, relax the body. This breathing increases blood flow and relaxes the muscles which make orgasms possible.

How to achieve a Blended Orgasm

Now you know the right spots to hit, let’s get down to how it’s done.

Whether you are going solo or with a partner experimenting on your own first is a good idea.  That way you can figure out what works for you, what you like, and then lead your partner to achieving the Ultimate Orgasm! 


Go with what you feel comfortable with.  Your fingers are a great tool for exploring your body.  Start by circling, rubbing and playing with your clitoris.  Find what feels good and go with it. Once you are feeling aroused, insert a finger or two (remember plenty of lube to enhance pleasure) and head for the G-spot.  Gently curl your fingers and wave then across the G-spot in a ``Come Hither” motion. You may like the motion of moving them in and out quickly, as I said, find what feels good for you and keep going until you orgasm.

Don’t despair if you can’t climax the first time, good things take time,  and there are worse things than having to keep practising till you get it just right!

You can also use sex toys.  A rabbit is specifically designed for internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time.  Making sure it has that nice curve to reach the G-spot they are the perfect toy to get you to a Blended Orgasm.

  Disco Bunny                    GC Rabbit

You could also use a wand or other cliteral toy while you use your fingers internally.  The options are endless once you know the basics.. So lie back and enjoy yourself!

      Wand-er Woman     Satisfyer Pro2

With your Partner

Once you know what works you can now add your partner to the equation and let the fun begin. You can guide them to the right spots.  Again there are a multitude of options and it’s about what you are comfortable with and what feels good.

How’s this for a scenario:

  Have your partner use their mouth on your clitoris, sucking & licking to get you aroused.  Then using either fingers or a vibrator/dildo they can start stimulating your vulva, the opening of the vagina, this is where there are many nerve endings.  Then they proceed to the g-spot, slow and steady is what is called for here, to build up arousal and eventually triggering that amazing Ogasm.

Doggy Style is also a great position for being able to maintain penetrative sex with your partner and have clitoral stimulation at the same time. Either you or your partner can use hands or toys to arouse the clit, without interrupting the motion of sex and him/her ‘hittin’ that right spot’.

50% of women say they cannot reach orgasm with penetrative sex alone and need clitoral stimulation to achieve full climax. 

When you combine clitoral stimulation with penetrative sex the Orgasms reach a whole new level of WOW!

                Vibrating Cockring


OK so now you’ve got the basics covered, don’t be afraid to introduce other stimulants such as dirty talk (the mind is a powerful sexual organ), nipple clamps and anal play.  The more body parts you stimulate, the more likely you are to reach a mind-blowing Blended Orgasm!


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