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What Is Relationship Counselling?

 Relationship problems may vary in severity, ranging from financial disagreements and fights to differences in sexual desire and infidelity. However, some couples may consider counselling in order to gain a better understanding of one another and to make decisions that foster a long-term relationship. It is more common than not that conflicts and misunderstandings arise during the development phase of a relationship when they are contracting and expanding. In this phase, they strive to understand and relate to each other as they adjust to changes and shifts. The first step in understanding relationship counselling benefits is to be able to define what counselling is and why each party should attend. A professional counsellor guides and facilitates the counselling process. In this work, the primary focus is to help each individual resolve the issues they are facing and to find suitable solutions in order to eliminate any distress that may be resulting in the relationship and promote a fulfilling future. If a couple, family, colleague, or friend is experiencing difficulty, then counselling is often the best solution.  

The Benefits 

It can help you clarify your feelings about your relationship
Having a set space and time each week for you and your partner to express your feelings can help you and your partner figure out the direction you want to take. During couples counselling, your therapist can guide you through this process by bringing to light aspects of your relationship that you may not be noticing and providing objective outside perspective. It can still make sense for one person to come alone to try and improve the situation if your partner is unwilling to attend. Every relationship has its challenges. We often have a hard time figuring out how we feel about our partner, which is one of the aspects that confuses us. Couples come to therapy knowing they want to stay together and resolve issues, but others are unsure if they want to stay together.
Intimacy and connection can grow as a result
Maybe the reason you're coming to therapy isn't that you argue too much, but that you don't argue at all. Maybe you rarely talk about anything else besides what you had for dinner or who picked up your kids from school. 
After months without having sex, staying late at work seems more appealing than going home to be with your partner. It seems the spark is gone and you're not sure if you can get it back. Some people feel that long-term relationships have to be like this, so they resign themselves to a relationship with someone they admire, and think back on the passion both of you once shared. Initially, relationships feel exciting because both parties are trying their best. There are frequent dates that are planned. Date nights become takeout nights and Netflix nights as comfort and routine sets in. Couples therapy is a powerful means for reclaiming passion, even if it is just for the simple fact that the relationship is finally getting some love. Couples therapy can incite passion just by coming to it, if only because it finally gives the relationship some attention. It is because of this that date nights have become so popular, since they mimic what it felt like when the relationship was new.
Roadblocks in relationships can be resolved before they become obstacles
Arguments with your partner can strengthen or weaken your relationship. As couples mature in their relationship, they struggle with addressing topics that have become more difficult. In some cases, this may have to do with family planning, while in others, this might have to do with communication. An opportunity for this dialogue to take place in a confidential setting can accelerate the growth of your relationship by understanding both sides and identifying if you share the same values.
You may not disagree over major decisions like where to buy a house. It is however about everyday things, like whose turn it is to wash the dishes or pick up the kids from school. If you're constantly arguing about trivial matters, you might actually be arguing about deeper concerns that don't get addressed. By taking part in couples counselling, you can work through these potential stumbling blocks before they lead to a major relationship crisis.
Personal development can be promoted through self-awareness
 You may have been to therapy in the past or you may have only watched it on T.V. but regardless, meeting with a therapist at least once a week can help you understand your unique personality and what motivates you. It is likely that how you relate to your partner might have an effect on how you relate to other people, such as friends and colleagues. The benefits of couples counselling are not limited to improving your primary relationship; they can also benefit other aspects of your life. Couples counselling is an avenue to help you achieve your relationship goals, whether you're trying to decide whether or not to get married or have children, or if there was an affair that needs to be repaired, or if things are going relatively well but you'd like to deepen intimacy and improve communication.
When it comes to repairing or strengthening your relationship, couples therapy can be extremely helpful. You'll learn how to communicate effectively and create a mutually rewarding partnership. If you want to start improving your relationship with your partner think about getting in touch with a counsellor near you. 

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